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What To Consider When Moving: Rental Truck Or Portable Storage Container

Moving is no easy feat, from planning to preparing and, ultimately, selecting your moving solution, there are a number of factors to consider. Two of the most common and effective solutions are between rental trucks or storage containers. It’s important to consider your needs, as that will help make the decision on what type of moving solution you want far easier. 

Read on to learn more about your moving options and discover how storage containers can make the process much easier and stress-free.

1) Your Cost and Budget

One of the main variables to consider when renting a moving truck is the overall cost you may be faced with. You have to consider the cost of each day, as you may require a number of days to complete the move. With portable storage containers, you are provided with a simple upfront price based on the size of the container you need it. Storstac Inc will provide you with a straightforward quote for the transportation of the portable storage container and will easily pick it up when you no longer need it.

2) Transportation

Moving trucks are extremely large vehicles and transporting them is not always easy or convenient, especially for those that are used to operating smaller vehicles. It can be quite stressful to navigate with such a heavy vehicle. With portable storage containers, Storstac Inc handles all transportation needs and driving for you. We place the container at the location of your choosing, load it at your personal convenience and pick it up to relocate. Our pick-up and delivery schedule will work with your schedule and we’ll ensure impeccable service and care for the shipping containers for rent

3) Reduced Stressload 

Renting a moving truck means that you are responsible for calculating and utilizing your time wisely from start to finish. This can be especially stressful between drive time, loading and unloading, and bringing the moving truck back to the movers in time. If you’re looking to reduce and cut downtime and stress, portable storage containers are an excellent option. One of the primary benefits of shipping containers for rent is that it allows you to have additional time to load and unload your belongings with ease. In addition, you can keep the portable storage container for as long as you need it. The cost will incur the overall time you require the portable storage unit for, which you can get a free quote from Storstac Inc. In between the stress of packing, ensuring you have everything you need and gathering up the family, the last thing you need to worry about is navigating a moving truck!


Eliminate your worries and save money by choosing shipping containers for rent! Storstac Inc shipping container solutions can host a number of applications from living spaces, work/commercial spaces and even pop up shops in Toronto. We can even develop a custom shipping container to meet and exceed your requirements. Find your perfect portable storage solution with us at https://storstac.com/container-modifications/.