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What to Check for When Buying or Renting a Shipping Container

Are you looking to use a shipping container? Great idea! Shipping containers have a number of unconventional and creative uses. Rent one as an alternative to a storage locker. Alternatively, buy one and transform it into a mobile location for your store, office, just about anything else you could think of! Just make sure to do a bit of research!

What to check

Once you decide to either rent or purchase a shipping container, there are a few things you should make sure to check before carrying out the process. Ideally, you want your shipping container purchase to last as long as possible, once you check for all these elements, you can be sure you’ve taken all the right steps. By familiarizing yourself with these options, you will make the selection process a lot easier for yourself.


The age of your shipping container usually factors into the price and how long you will be able to use them. There are three main ages of shipping containers. New containers have never been used before, “one trip” containers have only been shipped once, and used containers have been used a number of times. Typically age will indicate the condition, but other things factor into your container’s condition as well.


What kind of condition is the container in? Shipping containers are made from steel, which in some cases, may rust. Containers with more rust are in worse condition because they are already beginning to degrade. If you plan on modifying the container, however, you may be satisfied despite the rust. Check for any holes and that the container’s doors function as intended. Thinking about using your new container to prepare or serve food? You need to look for the highest quality container, and it must be recognized as “food grade.”


What size shipping container are you looking for? There are three common container sizes: 40ft, 20ft, and 10ft. The most common container size is 40ft and will likely be the easiest to find. That being said, 20ft and 10ft containers are great for smaller projects and cost less to deliver.


Wherever you buy or rent your container from, you should be mindful of their reputation. Look for an organization that focuses on their customers’ needs and has ample experience. This way, you eliminate a lot of question marks before you even make the purchase!

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Whether you want to rent or purchase your shipping container, Storstac has you covered. With over 15 years of experience and unparalleled dedication and drive, you can be sure you are purchasing from a reputable retailer. Customer service is always a top priority and we go above and beyond to find our customers the perfect storage container solution for any project! Call or visit our location today to talk to an expert about getting the ball rolling with your next storage container project!