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Unique Uses for Storage Containers

Who said storage containers could only be used to ship large cargo or store your belongings? Around the world, people are taking those containers and creating spaces that some may have thought impossible or ridiculous. Here are just a few examples of the unique ways in which storage containers are being utilized across the globe.

Learning Centres

In poorer areas of the world, or even in your own backyard, larger shipping containers are used as classrooms and tutoring spaces. Through the use of renewable energy, these containers can provide more than adequate classroom conditions that will help stimulate high-quality learning.


Many shipping containers have been renovated into restaurants, providing the same experience as one would get from a food truck. The container is the base structure for the kitchen and food prep, while the area surrounding it is furnished with tables and chairs for a delicious outdoor meal. See some of our past container kitchen transformations for inspiration of how containers can be modified into kitchen and restaurant spaces.

Tiny Living Quarters

For those who want to live in smaller spaces and reduce their belongings, transforming a shipping container into a house is a creative alternative that’s been developing over the last decade or so. With the right contractors, you could combine two or three containers to create a tiny, custom home wherever you want. This concept has also been adapted into a hotel of sorts, where shipping containers are furnished and scattered about a plot of land.

Office or Workshop

Whether you’re at home or on a job site that’s lacking office space, using a storage container as a separate office or work area area adds a non-permanent facility for whatever work you need to do. You can have one large container at your disposal or a group of them for multiple people to work in at a time.


Due to the customization that comes with owning one or more shipping containers, transforming it into a functioning commercial space should be no problem. As a rising trend, having small shops in these containers can save owners money on rising rental fees.

Art Gallery

What better way to display art than in an art piece itself? While using just one container would suffice for a small art showing, constructing an entire exhibit using multiple shipping containers is sure to wow guests. It could be built as one long connecting tube of containers or build up to create a multi-levelled gallery.

A Swimming Pool

The depth of these containers makes for the perfect above ground pool. The rectangular length that can be stretched to 20, 40 or 50 feet will guarantee a unique and premium swimming experience for all.

Indoor Garden

With the large amount of space available in empty storage containers, you can convert the cold, steel room into a thriving garden oasis. It’s up to you as to what you want to grow: flowers to sell or herbs and vegetables for your own needs. Just install watering systems and possibly a way to get natural sunlight streaming through and you’re good to go.

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