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3 Tips for Storing Online Store Inventory in Your Storage Container

If you own an online business that deals with merchandise, you can store your inventory in your garage or basement or in different rooms of your house. While this may work out for a while, you will eventually have to find a different solution, especially if your business expands. If you are in this situation, a storage container is ideal because this would allow business owners to store their inventory in a secure place outside their homes.

You can choose to rent a container or to buy one depending on your business, and both options would allow you to grow your business while keeping track of your inventory and supplies. If this is something you are interested in, the following tips will help you store your inventory properly:

Make A List

This will help you stay organized, and you will know exactly what to put in your storage container. Make a list of the items you offer and decide which ones move fast, as these items should be placed closer to you so that they can be easily retrieved. The rest of the items in your inventory can be moved to your storage container, and your list will allow you to access them whenever they are purchased or needed. Creating a list will also help you choose what to store together, what to place in boxes and which items to store away on shelves. Finally, a list will also help you determine the right size for your storage container, so start with this first step.

Take Your Time When Packing

It is a must that you pack properly because rushing this process can cost you time and money. It will also waste your efforts, so take your time and do it right. Packing strategically will make sure your items don’t get damaged, and the condition of your supplies will not be affected. Place smaller items in new and sturdy boxes or bins and if they are fragile, make sure to place them in bubble wrap. Larger items that don’t move very fast can be stacked toward the back of your container.

Make A Map

You need to place your inventory in your container properly, and once this step is complete, you need to keep track of everything inside. Record the location of each item and the date they were stored and use this as your master inventory list, which you should update as merchandise moves in and out. Creating a map will help you navigate through your storage container easily, and you will know about every item in this space.

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