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Sustainable Homesteading With Shipping Containers

The idea of turning shipping containers into homes has been widely labelled as “green” or sustainable because it aims to recycle or upcycle something that already exists in the world (shipping containers), which would otherwise be junk steel taking up space in the world and going to waste.

By using these shipping containers as structures for housing, there will be less demand for brick, wood and other building materials and this contributes to recycling. This lowers the carbon footprint of the construction of the structure itself, because nothing needs to be created. So, if you were thinking you would use a newly constructed shipping container as your main material, then think again!

When attempting to build your own shipping container homestead, it is always recommended that you consult or hire a team of experts, like Storstac, who have the experience needed to assist you in building and executing plans. It will be worth it in the long term to work with professionals to ensure the safety and structural soundness of your new home.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Sustainable Homestead In A Shipping Container?
One of the main benefits is its resiliency to harsh conditions and inclement weather. Shipping containers are meant to take a beating while on their journey at sea. Some are even pre-insulated to protect their contents. They offer a great resiliency to any fire or natural disaster you can think of!

Constructing buildings out of shipping containers is also less expensive than similar projects using other materials like brick and cement. Additionally, the rate of completion is a lot quicker since the structure can be assembled in only a few days.

Shipping container homesteads also have great mobility, as they can be easily dismantled into individual pieces and then transported as if they were still, well, shipping containers. Because they still are. There are many things one can do with them, if only they had the imagination, the sky’s the limit!

Some Downsides
Shipping containers are not without some disadvantages. Because of their metallic nature, the temperature can be an issue for containers that lack insulation. They also require metal cutting and other technical skills and tools in order to be manipulated, this means you need a skilled labourer to help you. And while they are meant for transportation, they do require heavy machinery and a skilled team in order to get them moving.

Using a shipping container for other things besides shipping is the main environmental benefit of constructing a homestead out of them. It can serve as an innovative and environmentally friendly option for developers. A global trade deficit is responsible for the millions of decommissioned shipping containers in the world today. Recycling them would create tonnes of pollution and waste energy. Therefore, reusing them to aid in housing projects or building developments is the ideal solution to this unique problem.

If you have any further questions about creating a sustainable homestead using shipping containers, contact Storstac for shipping containers for sale in Toronto.