Shipping Container House Modifications

Storstac has the experience needed to custom modify your very own shipping container house and/or micro containerized space out of ISO shipping Containers. With your design, Storstac can quote and manufacture a shipping container house that meets your specific needs. *All shipping container modification work is carried out locally at Storstac’s Toronto modification facility. Proudly modified in Canada!

Please note: Storstac Inc. is a custom shipping container fabricator/modifier. As you guessed, a container home is hard to quote based on limited information, as each of our builds are custom designed to meet the end users ultimate design and functionality goals. In order to quote you on the fabrication of your custom shipping container home your first step is to engage with an architect who will advise you on the steps required to build a custom home and ultimately produce architectural/design drawings. Once the architectural design drawings are established, you are welcome to submit them to Storstac for quotation.

Contrary to a lot of the information floating around the internet, container homes cost roughly the same as traditionally built homes (when built to meet Provincial and Federal Building Codes). Container homes do have their advantages, but unfortunately, large cost savings are not one of them as shipping containers (which create the structural skeleton of the home) are just one of a number of factors that ultimately determine the homes final cost.

Receiving a Quote

– Find land suitable for residential development or redevelopment

– Consult with an architect the finer details of what you are looking to build so they can review and advise accordingly on steps required for moving forward

– Produce architectural /design drawings for the house that includes floor plan

– Contact Storstac and submit architectural drawings for review and quotation

* Appointment required for Container House Meetings. No Walk-In’s. *

Want to lean some of basics regarding building with shipping containers? Check out this informative Q & A interview done by one of the members of the Storstac modification team in conjunction with the great people over at Exploring Alternatives.

Storstac has modified both Toronto’s and Hamilton’s FIRST Shipping Container House…Proudly modified in house at our Toronto, Canada modification facility. For progress on our projects follow us on Instagram @storstac_containers

Services Offered:

– Shipping container procurement and modification/steel fabrication work

– Cutting and framing openings (windows, doors, all interior openings)

– Structural reinforcements

– Structural drawings and associated engineering stamps

– Interior framing and insulation

– Exterior Paint (completed in our indoor paint shop)

 Storstac Modification Portfolio

Over the years, Storstac has redefined the very definition of what an ISO shipping container can be modified into. We have the knowledge and technological capability to manufacture the perfect solution to suit your specific needs. Below is a sample of Storstac’s latest projects to date