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Reusing Shipping Containers: What Are The Advantages And Challenges?

Shipping containers are versatile products and reusing old ones is becoming a very popular trend. Shipping containers are now being used as pools, houses, storage units, food trucks, studios and even hotels, so the possibilities are endless because they can be easily modified.

If this is something you are interested in, it’s important to understand the advantages and challenges and the following guide will provide you with more information.

Environmental friendliness is a huge advantage because reusing shipping containers and turning them into buildings will prevent the use of bricks and cement, which will protect our environment. This can also help reduce the usage of steel, so our environment would be a better place. Another advantage is time and cost-effectiveness as reusing shipping containers is very affordable, so anyone would be able to explore this option. Additionally, your project can be built very fast, so you would save a ton of time, which is a very big bonus. Shipping containers can be purchased for a reasonable price and they can also be easily moved.

Durability is another advantage, so you can have peace of mind in this regard. Shipping containers are designed to withstand rough and unpredictable weather conditions and are meant to carry heavy cargo, so you will have structural durability thanks to their steel structure. They are also lighter in weight when compared to cement buildings and are very safe.

There are a ton of advantages to reusing shipping containers, but it’s important to discuss the challenges as well. It’s possible to experience problems with insulation and temperature because shipping containers are made of steel, so they absorb both cold and heat and you may have difficulty controlling the temperature inside. Insulation is a step that needs to be completed very carefully and accurately; otherwise, the temperatures will get very low during the winter and will be too high during the summer months. Rust and corrosion is another issue you may come across because shipping containers are not corrosion or rust-proof and require a lot of attention and care. Steel, water and oxygen will react together to create rust and corrosion and climate conditions can speed up this process, so you would have to be very careful to prevent this problem.

It is also a must that you are aware of any toxic materials your shipping container may have been exposed to because safety needs to be a priority at all times. You need to know if a shipping container was lawfully exposed to insecticides during import and export procedures, as this can cause toxic exposure when repurposing. Safety has to be your number one concern, so it’s always best to have a container's wooden floor removed and the inside surface should be covered with bare metal and painted with non-toxic paint.

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