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Rental Truck or Portable Storage Container: What’s Right for Your Move?

Moving is not an easy task and the process requires organization, time management skills and physical labour, all of which can lead to stress. This is especially true if you are not moving into your new home right away and that gap can create a few challenges. If you are in this situation, you should consider a portable storage container, as this will make your move a lot easier.

Rental trucks are helpful but only on the actual day of your move. You will have to pick up the truck, load it up quickly and drive it to your new home and all of this will have to be done on a specific schedule. This can make things tricky and can cause you a number of headaches because there is a lot to be done during a move but your time with the truck will be limited. This leaves little room for flexibility and the truck can only be used during a specific period.

A portable storage unit, on the other hand, can eliminate your stress and provide you with more options. For starters, it will limit the amount of physical energy you must exert. Moving your belongings to a new location is not easy and everyone dreads the physical labour aspect of a move. Carrying heavy boxes and bulky pieces of furniture is not fun and the thought alone can be daunting. This is especially true if you are not moving into your new home right away because you would have to load a rental truck, drive it to a storage facility, unload the truck and then do it all over again when it is time to move into your new home. A portable storage container will allow you to eliminate most of these steps, which will limit physical labour making the move far more bearable.

Instead of carrying your belongings into a truck, you will be able to load them directly onto the portable storage container and can leave your items there until it is time to go to your new home. The process will be cut in half because you won’t have to unload at a storage facility, nor will you have to reload everything onto the truck making the move less physically straining.

You will also be able to load the truck at your own pace, so you won’t have to rush because your time is not limited. A portable storage container can be dropped in your driveway and can remain there for as long as you need it. This will allow you to take your time and fill it at your own pace and the same would apply whenever it’s time to unload it.

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