Micro Container Living

Micro Container living emphasizes micro-sized footprints utilizing one or two ISO shipping containers. The options of what you can do are only limited to your imagination. The two grey modified shipping containers pictured here are unique, off grid micro shipping container living spaces designed by Jason Halter and engineered and modified by Storstac at our Toronto, Canada fabrication facility.

The first unit nicknamed “Off Grid” is a luxury tiny shipping container living space unlike anything ever built before it. Highlights of this 20′ high cube shipping container “tiny home” include the massive 12′ sliding glass door, off grid Calcutta tile shower and washroom, off grid sink and custom cedar mill work. The entire setup is also 100% solar powered.

The second unit nicknamed “Cave” is more of a “do what you want” space that allows the end user to use the space how ever they like. The “Cave” unit can be used for anything from an office/workshop space, a reading room, an at home office, or even as additional bedroom space…the possibilities are truly limitless. Let Storstac assist you in the modification of your very own modified shipping container living space today.