Downtown Toronto Container House

Storstac is excited to announce that along with the Harlem Underground Shipping Container House Extension we have also fabricated and installed TORONTO’S FIRST STAND ALONE shipping container house, which has been permanently installed in the heart of Downtown Toronto’s West-End, and modified right here at our Toronto, Canada shipping container fabrication facility. This precedent setting build consists of three 53′ High Cube shipping containers sitting on top of a concrete foundation. Although the shipping containers themselves are fabricated in China (as China is the only place in the world where shipping containers are fabricated) all of the modification work (Window & Door Openings, Stair Case Openings & Paint) for this project was undertaken at our Toronto, Canada fabrication facility. Follow us on Instagram @storstac_containers for updates on this and other projects.

Our Task

Storstac – Storstac Inc. was tasked with engineering and completing all of the shipping container modifications, paint and structural steel-work for Toronto’s FIRST shipping container home. All of the shipping container modifications including cutting and framing all window, door and interior openings, as well as a number of structural reinforcements were completed at our Toronto, Canada modification facility. Toronto’s FIRST shipping container home has been permanently installed in the west-end of downtown Toronto.

Skills Involved

Skills Utilized: 

– Structural engineering requirements

– Modification and fabrication of all door, window and interior openings

– Exterior Paint of all three containers

– On-Site installation of all containers