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Why Modular Construction Is More Effective and Reduces Less Waste Than C&D Construction

As we progress as a nation to be more environmentally-conscious and make conscientious efforts to reduce our waste via recycling and limiting food waste, we tend to forget about construction and demolition (C&D) waste. C&D waste is one of the largest waste sources to date and only about 20% of C&D waste is recycled. With advancements in the construction industry, C&D is no longer the most viable, cost-effective solution for a building project.

How is modular construction pushing the industry forward by reducing waste? Keep reading to learn more about modular construction and why it’s effective.

Site Preparation Is Simultaneous With Building Production

Modular construction is revolutionizing the way we build and how we build. A far more affordable, effective and efficient solution compared to traditional C&D building, modular construction is reducing the waiting period of building production. During C&D construction, homeowners or business owners have to wait for the site preparation to be completed before the building production commences. Modular construction allows site preparation and building products at the shipping container factory to occur simultaneously. Individual shipping containers are designed and built off-site at a manufacturing plant, like Storstac Inc., and then transported to the construction site and fitted to the size you desire.

Reduces Material Waste

Traditional C&D construction methods produce immense waste that is rarely recycled. Modular construction promotes proper, sensible use of building materials by constructing the shipping container modules in a controlled environment. This drastically reduces waste because any excess materials from a previous project do not have to be disposed of and could be utilized for another building operation. Repurposing excess materials are environmentally responsible and can reduce construction downtime. As shipping container modules are delivered to the construction are almost fully complete. 

Designed To Be Deconstructed, Not Demolished

Modular construction may be the most suitable example of reducing, reusing and recycling. Portable storage containers are adaptable and as easily as they can be constructed, they can just as easily be deconstructed efficiently. If you plan on using your shipping container for temporary purposes, whether a pop-up shop, just for storage or to house employees during a remodel, modular construction is the most effective solution. When you no longer need your shipping container, Storstac Inc. can easily remove it from your property and repurpose it. You can rest easy knowing your portable storage container will not be disposed of in a landfill after a single-use. 


Include modular construction in your efforts to become more environmentally conscious. Greener, cost-effective building practices are revolutionizing the way we build properties and becoming a favourite solution for home and business owners everywhere. If you’re searching for a shipping container for rent, Storstac Inc. has an extensive fleet of high-quality, durable and visually appealing portable storage containers. Whether you desire a standard container, a specialty module or a mobile rental office container, Storstac Inc. will have the perfect options for you. Get a quote on one of our storage containers for rent at https://storstac.com/get-quote/!