March 18, 2020

To our valued Customers, Suppliers, and Employees, 

With growing global concern around COVID-19, we want you to know that the health, safety and well-being of our customers, suppliers and employees are our top priority. 

Here at Storstac we are implementing precautionary procedures to do our part in reducing the spread of the virus. The following appropriate measures are currently in place to ensure the health and safety of all of you: 


Best Practices

Our diligent staff are continuously disinfecting all hard sufaces, washing hands, and practicing social distancing.  

We have provided training on hygiene practices along with social distancing. 

We are providing Antiseptic hand soap and sanitizers at all entrances and washrooms. 

We are reminding staff to frequently wash hands with soap and water, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth and not to shake hands. 

We are asking all staff to be conscious of putting themselves at risk outside of Storstac by restricting travel and avoiding large crowds as much as possible after leaving work. 

Customers, Suppliers and all Visitors 

In order to better control exposure to the virus, we have stopped all unnecessary on-site customer and supplier sites and we have also closed our doors to on-site visitors. Only Storstac employees will be allowed entrance to our office, dispatch area, and shop without a scheduled meeting at this time. If at all possible, meetings will be held remotely by video and telephone conference calls. If you must come on site, please ring the doorbell at the front door for assistance.  All scheduled visitors are asked to disinfect before entering the office.

Mail or packages 

All deliveries to the office are to be left in the box outside of the front door. Please ring the doorbell to let reception know you have dropped off a parcel. 

Deliveries for the shop 

Suppliers and delivery drivers are asked to call our office at 416-231-9100 once they arrive so we can receive the supplies or assist the offloading of the material. Drivers are encouraged to remain in their trucks as much as possible. 

Depot and Dispatch Services

Inbound and Outbound drivers are now asked to stay in their vehicles and are only to step out to secure and unsecure their load. Any communication with the container handler will be done by the dispatcher via radio. There should be no physical contact with our handler, equipment or depot employees. 

  1. All drivers will call 416-231-9100 Ext 210 when they arrive to the gate. 
  2. During the call the dispatcher will need your reference or container number. 
  3. The dispatcher will instruct the container handler to load or unload the unit.  
  4. EIR’s can be emailed to the transport company upon request. 

The above modified procedures are to ensure the health and safety for Storstacs staff, suppliers, and customers and will not effect our customer service quality. 

We are still open for business and we are just a phone call away if you need us. 

Thank you for your understanding in helping keep Storstacs environment clean and healthy through these hard times. 

Vincent Ruggiero


90 North Queen Street |Etobicoke | Ontario | M8Z 2C9

Tel: 416-231-9100