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How To Open Up Your Own Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops have proven to be a lucrative and more cost-effective method for business owners that want to enhance their brand reputation. Business owners are continuously searching for ways to attract new customers and retain their current clientele. A pop-up shop is an effective way for stores to boost their brand, especially if they’re strapped for cash. This is because pop-up locations often offer lower, more affordable rent for a commercial space, much less commitment, and is overall less of an investment upfront when getting started. Pop-up shops do not only have to be utilized during holidays but can be a viable long-term tactic to promote businesses.

If you’re interested in opening up your own business pop-up shop, read on for how to get started.

1. Location Space

Selecting a location ultimately comes down to your business objectives for the pop-up shop. For example, some businesses that are making the transition from digital to a tangible shop may not want to invest in a brick-and-mortar storefront right away. Pop-up shops in Toronto are a perfect alternative. Your portable storage container should ideally be placed in an area with ample foot traffic and close access to public transportation. Certain locations, especially malls and other shopping centers, may already be pop-up shop venues that consumers actively visit. By placing your pop-up shop at this type of location, you’ll likely attract customers that frequent the other pop-up shops.

2. Layout and Design

When it becomes time to customize your pop-up space, it’s important to have everything written down. You should discuss with a storage container rental company in Toronto about what modifications you can make and what you are restricted against before any layout and design changes are made. Once you are aware of what your limitations are with space, you can focus on the enhancements you are allowed to make. Have a clear vision moving forward about the design concept you want and layout of the space, as this is often what attracts new customers in the first place.

3. Hiring Staff

When it’s time to hire your employees for your pop-up location, you need to consider what kind of stuff you’ll be hiring. Pop-up shop owners often choose between three staffing methods:

  • Hiring temporary retail staff
  • Use the existing employees from the brick-and-mortar or digital shop
  • Leverage the pop-up shop’s staff

Once you’ve selected the staffing solution most suitable for your business, it’s crucial to ensure that they are thoroughly trained. 

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