Rental Offices Toronto

How The Office Trailer Renting Process Works

Most SMBs will require a temporary office trailer at some point, whether while awaiting their permanent office to be built or remodelled, or other demands. The need for temporary office space is high and because it is for a momentary stay, renting is always more practical than buying a brand new office. Far more cost-effective, convenient and flexible, rental offices are perfect for many business needs. 

Prior to renting just any office trailer, it’s helpful to be aware of how the rental office process works and what to expect. Storstac Inc. aims to make this process straightforward and seamless. Check out our renting process tips below!

1. Reflect On Your Needs

Prior to beginning your rental office search, ensure you consult with business partners and employees regarding their expectations and needs. This information should be based on the duration of stay, the number of people that will work in the office, general style, certain amenities that you may need and the budget. These needs and requirements should ultimately reflect the overall objectives of your business. 

2. The Size Of The Portable Storage Unit

Shipping containers for rent often come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. The layout and size of the portable storage unit should be based on what you’re looking for and what is most suitable for your business. For example, you may need a single office for a few business partners or an additional private office and break room. 

The most common portable storage unit size is a single-wide, which offers sufficient space for a small office. A double-wide storage unit is made of two single units that are bound together to create one larger unit. The triple-wide unit is not as common due to the large size; however, they are perfect for a business that requires a large temporary space. 

3. Consider Modifications

Storstac Inc. shipping containers for rent can be customized to your liking and needs. Whether you require minimum modifications or far more elaborate, we can customize it to fit your requirements. All of our portable storage unit modifications are done on-site with meticulous detail and delivered to you ready to use and little to no on-site interruption. 

4. Delivery Process

All shipping containers for rent can be delivered right to you to ensure ultimate convenience and flexibility for your business. Storstac Inc. will guarantee that your rental offices are well-equipped, safe, durable and visually appealing as your company’s temporary office space. Your belongings are secured in the portable storage unit and protected by our all-steel, high-security lock system. Once you’re done with the storage unit, we will come and pick it up to return to our facility.

Shipping containers for rent are perfect for homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you’re undergoing complete renovations, awaiting the new building or require a temporary office trailer for another reason, our rental offices and portable storage units are the most viable solution. If you’re looking for a shipping container for rent in Toronto, contact us for a quote at