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How Shipping Containers Changed the World

Shipping containers are really nothing short of a revolution that has changed the way cargo transportation across oceans work around the world. They have improved cargo-carrying capacity, ensuring they are delivered more safely. Both perishable and non-perishable items can be safely exported from country to country without damage, whether they are bottles of seasonings or seasonal fruits and vegetables.

One of the prime reasons behind this lies in the durable components that make up the container. Made of strong steel, these gigantic boxes can carry heavy items around easily by huge cranes. In the process, they facilitated trade and globalization, changing daily lives with the easy availability of products from around the world at cost-effective prices.

History of Shipping Containers

Durable, resilient shipping containers started dominating trade after World War 2, mostly due to recommendations put forward by the International Organization for Standardization in the 1960s. A container full of wares from one part of the world could be easily shipped to the malls to the other end without any damage or inconvenience, as it passes through different countries en route.

Earlier, goods were loaded one by one onto a cargo ship in a labour intensive process that demanded packing, unpacking in the ports and easy theft or damage in the process. Called break-bulk shipping, the system was practiced right up to the second half of the 20th century until 1956. They were carried in gunny bags, tubs and wooden crates from land to ship and back to land this way.

A large labour force was employed for the process, without any guarantee of the goods arriving in the best conditions. Accidents were rampant, perishable foods were easily ruined and the process was high in value, often costing 20 times more than the item itself.

How the Shipping Container Transformed the World

The massive shipping containers transformed the trade and transportation of goods. It made the world a smaller place. Global supply met demands with transportation ease and the rare products could be enjoyed in countries that had never seen them before.

Costs reduced as transportation became less challenging and machines took over from people. In the end, consumers benefited the most as they gained access to exotic products from all over the world without paying exorbitantly, or travelling all the way.

The most interesting development was the recycling of shipping containers as they were put to numerous uses after they did their day. Portable containers entered the housing market, becoming fashionable workspaces for start-ups, bars, restaurants, and shops. From the clothes people wore the world over, to the food they ate, borders melted as goods became available everywhere.

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