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How Much Does It Cost To Transport Shipping Containers?

Once you’ve purchased your shipping containers, it’s now time to figure out how much it’ll cost to get them to you. This will all depend on whether or not you purchased them locally or through international freight companies. To get an idea of how much you could potentially spend transporting your new or used shipping containers, this is the guide for you.

Local Delivery Costs

The standard price for locally shipping storage containers will depend on the company, but you can expect that a 40-foot container will cost at least twice as much as a 20-foot container. Starting at several hundred dollars for smaller containers, there may be a fee included for unloading the container once it’s arrived.

International Delivery Costs

New container purchases typically originate from Asia. To reduce the cost, instead of paying the full shipping fee, allow the container to be used for cargo transport and only pay half of the shipping cost. However, shipping overseas will still cost you thousands of dollars and can take several months to arrive.

Shipping Container Size

The size of your shipping container will severely affect the shipping cost. The cost for a 20-foot container will likely be double if you want to ship a 40-foot container. Got a 56-foot container? Then expect to pay even more due to the added length. 56-foot shipping containers will also require a special truck, as standard rollback trucks are too small.

Finding a Shipping Company

To grab an exact quote for transporting your shipping containers, you’ll need to talk to a specific freight company. To find the right company for your budget and needs, it’s best to start out with places you can both purchase a container and have it shipped from the same place. This makes the entire process easier, but if you plan to purchase and deliver through separate companies, it’s not impossible.

Moving the Container Yourself

If you’re able to transport your shipping container yourself, this will greatly reduce transportation costs. However, this isn’t a likely option for many people due to licensing issues. If you’re purchasing local shipping containers and have a commercial driver’s license, then you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by renting a rollback truck.

Paying for Delivery

This will depend on the type of shipping company you choose. If you’ve decided to use an international company, then it’s common for you to pay in full before the shipping process begins. For smaller, local freight companies, an order deposit will be made initially, while the remainder of your bill will be paid after you’ve received your delivery.

Estimated Arrival Time

Having a shipping container delivered from a local supplier will be much faster than shipping something through an international delivery service. It’ll take about one week for a local shipment to arrive while it could take several months through international shipping.

Should You Purchase Insurance?

Before purchasing insurance for your shipping container, determine whether or not your containers are worth the extra money. It would be a waste of money if you were shipping a single used container that was only 20-feet long. However, if you’re shipping several brand new, 40-foot long containers that cost several thousand dollars each, then insurance is definitely the way to go.

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