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Different Lock Types to Secure Your Storage Container

Strength and durability are just two of the many reasons why people purchase or rent shipping containers. No matter what you use it for, whether as a house, a shop, or to simply store your possessions, you’ll want to make sure your container is secured 24/7. If you aren’t sure which security measure is best for you, here are some of the more common ways to secure your shipping container.


Blocking access to your shipping container with a fence will either slow down potential thieves or deter them entirely. However, that all depends on the material and structure of the fence. A climbable wooden fence won’t scare off intruders as much as a sturdy, metal fence that’s topped with barbed wire.


Looking to secure your portable storage container with a padlock? Then you’re in luck, as there are a variety of padlocks on the market built for different security measures. The conventional padlock is available in various materials with a basic key-and-lock configuration. Then there’s the more secure round-shackle padlock. If your shipping container features a roll-up door, then consider a high-quality shudder shackle padlock, as they’re typically resistant to tampering.

Electronic Locks

If you have a storage container with thicker doors or share the container with friends and family, getting an electronic lock might benefit you. They eliminate the need for providing several key sets, as several electronic locks can support various combination codes.


These particular lockboxes are designed to cover the lock of a portable storage container, making it difficult for intruders to cut or remove it. Usually made of steel, the box is designed to only one open side, making the use of bolt-cutters, angle grinders and other tools ineffective.

Guard Dogs

In many cases, the presence of an intimidating guard dog on its own will be enough to keep intruders away, or at least slow them down until someone nearby shows up. Not only can a guard dog physically attack potential thieves, but their barking will alert anyone in the vicinity.

Alarm System

Installing a difficult-to-spot alarm system, particularly one with a well-placed warning sign, will do well to deter potential thieves. Unless you’re storing something incredibly valuable that’s worth the risk, this security measure will cause thieves to turn the other way and look for an easier target.

Security Cameras

Whether you choose live-monitoring security cameras, which transmits image and or video content to a mobile device as it’s happening in real time, or record for later cameras, which don’t require an internet connection, you’ll be able to have visual evidence if an incident were to occur. However, because live monitoring requires an internet connection, any broken connections will render your security useless.

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