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Best Tips to Know Before Building & Renting Your Container Home

Sustainable design has become extremely popular in recent years. One of the best examples of this is the re-use of the shipping container. Shipping containers are durable, convenient in size and stackable to make multiple rooms. Every day, people have been purchasing them to start up a business, turn into their home or rent out to others.

However, this sustainable building design is still quite new and with any new project, there are challenges to overcome. That’s why Storstac Inc. has put together a list of tips to follow from shipping container homeowners and rental hosts.

Before you get started on your own design and get ready to rent it, check out the great advice below.

Be Aware of Rules and Regulations

Make sure to research your city or town’s regulations for building a shipping container home. Property Zoning is conducted by the city’s government and determines what type of buildings can be built in the zone. Building Permits must be applied for you to prove your awareness of building codes and will follow them to be approved for building. It’s also important to be a good neighbour and maintain the property your container will be on.

See the Container Before Buying

It’s important to do the research to find the right container and just as important to see it in person. Some shipping container buyers made the mistake of relying on the company’s word that their purchase was in great shape, only to receive it in less than desirable conditions. Do your research online then visit the container itself before buying it. Make sure it has the exact materials and is the size that you want.

Consider Your Climate

Understand what your local climate is and build according to that. Spray-foam is the most popular insulation because it forms a barrier to resist air movement. It seals very well and transfers heat to keep the shipping container warm.

For warmer climates, choose a large roof that extends over the container. This will shade the windows and protect them from intense heat. Choosing the wrong type of insulation could lead to preventable issues. For example, colder winters require spray-foam insulation because of its sealant. Some container buyers who live in colder climates found that fibreglass insulation led to their home being damaged from condensation.

Plan The Layout

Consider the number of guests that you will allow to stay at the container rental. A 40 ft container rental allows for a large home. Its long length allows for maximum sunlight if placed in the right area to make the home airier. A 20 ft container is perfect for a couple’s getaway for a more cozy, romantic feel.

Storstac Inc. is committed to providing high-quality shipping containers for rent for you to choose from. Our eco-friendly products are durable, stackable and ready to be designed your way. Storstac’s team of professionals can even build your container off-site and deliver it to you with minimal site interruption.