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Benefits of Shipping Containers for Experiential Marketing Events

As more and more businesses enter the market, cutting through the clutter becomes increasingly challenging. This is one reason why marketers are deviating from traditional advertising methods and adopting innovative tactics such as experiential marketing to excite and engage consumers. For many marketers, sturdy, mobile, shipping containers can be easily repurposed into pop-up outlets or on-site installations that are perfect for brand activation.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Also called “live marketing” or “event marketing,” experiential marketing uses creative ways to interact directly with brands and products. Experiential marketing creates unforgettable immersive experiences live, at the venue. These experiences are usually part of events, trade shows or pop-up activations that may or may not be event-based. 

The experiences allow personal interaction with the brand in a wide variety of ways. They allow consumers to experience the brand before buying them. As consumers engage with the brand and get excited, they spread the word to others, building brand value in a powerful, authentic way. 

Word-of-mouth opinions play a big part in spreading the value of the brand in experiential marketing. The experiential events are of several types ranging from the grand opening of a shop, product launch, or launch of a new service. 

How Shipping Containers Help Experiential Marketing?

There are many reasons why experiential marketers are in love with shipping containers for experiential marketing purposes. The repurposed spacious containers make perfect venues for pop-up stores and installations in experiential marketing venues. 

Easy-to-Customize: Shipping containers are easy-to-setup and pack away, sturdy, easy-to-customize into unique, brand-focused installations and environmentally friendly. From music festivals to college campuses, shopping malls to tradeshows, shipping containers are popularly used because they are weather-friendly, durable and flexible to create attractive, creative spaces that are aligned to the brand needs. Whether you are looking for a retro look, something modern or classic like a food serving kiosk, designs are only limited by your imagination. 

Addidas used it a while back to create an oversized shoebox shaped space to display their new line of products. Coca-Cola used a shipping container to create a striking sampling showroom. Buick used a shipping container for brand activation on the beach in a sporting event and festival, offering a 360-degree experience with car displays and mobile kiosks around it to collect data. Gillette took their shipping container to the road to educate consumers about their razor with Flexball Technology.

Weather-Proof Pop-up Shelters: Unlike cloth tents, there’s no need to wind up in the event of rain. Your shipping container allows you to continue to “stand your ground” with no disruption to the experience. Although the size is relatively small, limiting the number of people to peer in and stroll around, it gives you enough space to display the wares to full effect and spend more face-time with consumers.

Storstac Inc: Modified Shipping Container Kiosks

We are Canada’s largest inventory of modified shipping containers popular among retail outlets and food servers who convert them into kiosks. Portable, secure, and modular, our shipping containers offer a wide range of modified pop-up retail and food serving kiosks for rent or sale, all of which are custom manufactured right here in Toronto, Canada. From clothing to drinks, to food, to tickets, to artwork; our modular modified retail and food serving shipping container kiosks can be configured in any number of ways that best suit your needs. Call us to rent or buy them for innovative, engaging experiential marketing needs.