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PreFab Containers vs Local Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping container architecture or “cargotecture” as it is commonly refereed to in the shipping container industry has become quite popular in North America over the last few years. Using shipping containers as the frame work to build shipping container houses, bars, kitchens, cottages, offices etc. is currently more widely accepted and is gaining traction in North […]

Custom Shipping Container Man Cave

Storstac is currently building two bespoke shipping container man caves right here at our Toronto fabrication facility. Micro architecture and the Tiny House Movement is rapidly gaining popularity right around the world and Storstac is contributing to the movement with the introduction of custom designed shipping container man caves and/or get away spaces. Constructed out […]

Storstac to build Hamilton Shipping Container House

Storstac is excited to announce that in just a few weeks we will begin fabrication of Canada’s first shipping container house to be permanently located in a major city’s (Hamilton’s) downtown core right here at our Toronto shipping container fabrication facility. This precedent setting build nicknamed the Hamilton Shipping Container House is already BUILDING PERMIT APPROVED […]

Shipping Container Markets

Shipping container markets have become quite popular over the last 10 years right around the world… and for good reason. From the DeKalb Market in Brooklyn, to Boxpark in London to the ReStart Container Market in New Zealand; shipping container markets / malls have been “popping” up right around the world. Over the past 5 years […]

Storstac Shipping Container Kitchen

Storstac is one of the only companies in North America to fabricate a fully functional, 100% off grid, commercial grade kitchen inside of a standard ISO shipping container. Utilizing our 450+ years of combined experience in the shipping container modification industry (Going as far back as 1971), Storstac was able to design, and modify a […]

Storstac Builds Tesla Container Dealership

(Storstac Inc. Toronto, Canada) Storstac builds Tesla container dealership! When it comes to shipping container modifications Storstac has done and seen it all. From the installation of Toronto’s very first container market, to mobile bars to container buildings, Storstac can modify a container to meet the needs of any application. When we were approached to […]