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Tips for setting up a pop-up shop in Toronto

When you are not in a position to set up a proper bricks-and-mortar retail store, setting up a temporary location like a pop-up store is a good start. Whether you are planning to start a business or are looking to have a seasonal income model, pop-up stores are an amazing way to ensure that you […]

Five Important Stages for Shipping Container Construction

When building a shipping container, it’s necessary to take the proper steps and go through the proper channels. Regardless of whether you’re constructing this container for storage or as a home, here are five steps that should be completed during the process. Setting a Budget Planning out how your building funds will be distributed throughout […]

What types of metals are used to build shipping containers

Shipping containers are durable boxes made of various materials so that they can hold up in the vast oceans they sail on. They transport a variety of items we use to make our lives more convenient like computers, TVs, bedding, clothing, etc. Shipping containers are up against snowstorms, pounding rain, high-speed winds, and the glare […]

Unique Uses for Storage Containers

Who said storage containers could only be used to ship large cargo or store your belongings? Around the world, people are taking those containers and creating spaces that some may have thought impossible or ridiculous. Here are just a few examples of the unique ways in which storage containers are being utilized across the globe. […]

Choosing the Right Shipping Container

The most efficient way to ship cargo is by way of water, but maybe that’s not your intent when looking into purchasing a shipping container. You can use a shipping container for many things: as a mobile office, for storage, to shipping large items, you name it. Choosing the right container for your needs can […]