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Benefits of Shipping Containers for Experiential Marketing Events

As more and more businesses enter the market, cutting through the clutter becomes increasingly challenging. This is one reason why marketers are deviating from traditional advertising methods and adopting innovative tactics such as experiential marketing to excite and engage consumers. For many marketers, sturdy, mobile, shipping containers can be easily repurposed into pop-up outlets or […]

Advantages of Portable Shipping Containers for Retail Space

Over the last few years, more and more brands and companies are turning to ship containers to create cost-effective space solutions in creative ways, such as retail pop up stores, swimming pools, glass-ceiling greenhouses, site offices and insulated storage units. The trend is rapidly sweeping across Canada. Pop up retail stores are temporary spaces that […]

How Shipping Containers Changed the World

Shipping containers are really nothing short of a revolution that has changed the way cargo transportation across oceans work around the world. They have improved cargo-carrying capacity, ensuring they are delivered more safely. Both perishable and non-perishable items can be safely exported from country to country without damage, whether they are bottles of seasonings or […]

Different Lock Types to Secure Your Storage Container

Strength and durability are just two of the many reasons why people purchase or rent shipping containers. No matter what you use it for, whether as a house, a shop, or to simply store your possessions, you’ll want to make sure your container is secured 24/7. If you aren’t sure which security measure is best […]

How Much Does It Cost To Transport Shipping Containers?

Once you’ve purchased your shipping containers, it’s now time to figure out how much it’ll cost to get them to you. This will all depend on whether or not you purchased them locally or through international freight companies. To get an idea of how much you could potentially spend transporting your new or used shipping […]