Pop Up Shops Toronto

Advantages of Portable Shipping Containers for Retail Space

Over the last few years, more and more brands and companies are turning to ship containers to create cost-effective space solutions in creative ways, such as retail pop up stores, swimming pools, glass-ceiling greenhouses, site offices and insulated storage units. The trend is rapidly sweeping across Canada.

Pop up retail stores are temporary spaces that need to be well designed to push a brand forward, yet not cost the earth. They must be easy to set up, pull down, transport and make your business appear trendy. Spacious, sturdy shipping containers allow that flexibility. 

Adidas incorporated pop up retail stores from repurposed shipping containers to launch their NMD shoe. The structures were built to create an urban feel while adhering to Adidas’s trademark creativity. The curated retail spaces provided interactive customer experiences, such as camera obscura portrait photos and much more. The retail stores were a huge hit that spiked up sales for the popular sports brand. 

How about recreating that for your brand with portable, repurposed shipping containers doubling up as retail space? A pop-up retail event offers unlimited location flexibility. They can be shipped worldwide. The container design allows you to create many experiential elements and still feel like a large-scale activation. It is easy to organize, offload and customize. It is easy to stock shelves in the shipping containers. The inventory travels with you on-the-go, cutting down much of your time in setting it up, packing, unpacking and leaving you with more time to spend on building your brand experience with customers. 

Shipping Containers vs Temporary Tents

Vendors at trade shows, festivals, food and retail outlets need to set up and dismantle makeshift kiosks as they move around from place to place. Commonly, tents are used for the purpose. Shipping containers are a step ahead of tents as they can be modified in a number of ways while offering a stronger, more durable, flexible roof over the head. 

  • The containers can be transported by truck, crane or forklift. 
  • They can be fitted with shelves to store all kinds of items from clothes to jewellery, food, and artifacts.
  • Since shipping containers are made of steel, they are more durable and weather-proof than tents.
  • They can be fitted with air-conditioning and heating systems to keep the space comfortable all through the year.
  • You can arrange furniture that can be moved outside to provide seating outside the structure or within.
  • When you are ready to move your wares elsewhere, it is easy to lock the cabinets to keep the items secure and move to the new location without worrying about renting storage space to keep away the wares safely or hiring overnight security.
  • You have the flexibility to create a variety of inviting layouts.

Storstac offers Canada’s largest inventory of modified shipping container retail and food serving pop up kiosks. Portable and secure, we offer a wide range of modified pop up shipping container kiosks for rent or sale that can be configured to any way that meets your needs. Contact us by sending us an email or give us a call.