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Storstac Builds Tesla Container Dealership

(Storstac Inc. Toronto, Canada) Storstac builds Tesla container dealership! When it comes to shipping container modifications Storstac has done and seen it all. From the installation of Toronto’s very first container market, to mobile bars to container buildings, Storstac can modify a container to meet the needs of any application. When we were approached to build a mobile dealership for Tesla we were eager to get started. The project parameters were simple: fit the entire dealership within two 20′ shipping containers. Although this might sound like a simple task, this included packing up the roof, signage and the entire 20′ x 12′ open concept showroom area into the two 20′ shipping containers. Keep in mind that the two 20′ shipping containers featured finished drywall, desks, chairs, computers and showcases for Tesla merchandise. The world of shipping container modification is one filled with a lot of smoke and mirrors. Although there are a number of container modification companies out there, very few have the technical skill, imagination and experience to fabricate a modified container that can meet the strict as-built guidelines and quality standards that a company like Tesla is looking for. Storstac’s owner and president has been modifying containers since 1971 (that’s 45 years of real world experience with container modification). You will be hard pressed to find a company with half as many years experience in this field. Although it was a challenge, we worked tirelessly to get the job done. In the end, we fabricated the Tesla Dealership to fit all of these components within the two 20′ shipping containers. The Tesla container dealership is another way for Tesla to reach its customer base without setting up a bricks-and-mortar stores or rolling out a traditional marketing campaign. Mobile pop up stores are gaining traction in North America and Canada, so if your looking to take your business to the next level, or your looking to expand your current market presence, then maybe a containerized pop up store is where you should be looking.

Storstac: We are Toronto’s Largest, Oldest, Most Experienced container modification company.

Outside of the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

Outside of the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

An inside look at the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

An inside look at the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

An inside look at the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

An inside look at the Storstac built Tesla container dealership

Tesla Showroom in Action

Tesla Showroom in Action

Modified Container Office Space

Storstac custom fabricates mobile container office space out of 10′, 20′ and 40′ modified shipping containers. Our mobile office containers are some of the best made container offices in the industry and feature everything you would find in a conventional office space. Our modified container offices are fully insulated and feature a 100amp breaker panel, lights, heaters, air conditioning, wall plugs, phone jacks, two windows, and one man door. Once you step inside one of our modified container offices you will think that you just walked into a traditional brick and mortar building.

The advantages of a Storstac modified container office over a traditional trailer office provided by the other guys are easy to see. Our modified container offices are built within an all steel shipping container or sea can. The advantage of building an office inside of a modified shipping container is that they provide you with a sturdy, all steel structure that will outlast a trailer office multiple times over. Traditionally, trailer offices are made of all wood construction. The all wood construction can cause the trailer to smell and it causes the trailer to be extremely flimsy which significantly shortens the shelf life of the office. The Storstac modified container office is also placed at ground level. The man door is only 6″ off of the ground, which means there are no stairs or steps required to get in and out of the office. This makes winter maintenance very easy and straight forward. Trailer offices always require stairs, and they are usually made of wood. This can cause unnecessary tripping hazards and makes winter maintenance more difficult.

Buy one of our modified container offices that are pre-fabricated, or have one built to your specifications.

For more information about our 10′, 20′ and 40′ modified shipping container offices you can reach us at 416-231-9100 or come see one for yourself at our Head Office/ Depot @ 90 North Queen Street, Etobicoke Ontario.


Storstac 20' modified container office

Storstac Container Modification

modified container office

Storstac modified container office

Storstac Container Kiosk at The CNE

Storstac is proud to have 3 of our modified container kiosk’s featured in this years (and 2014 & 2013) Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The Canadian National Exhibition or CNE, is Canada’s largest annual fair. With over 1 million visitors each year, the CNE is home to hundreds of food, drink and gaming vendors that mostly work out of event tents and non permanent structures. A container kiosk is the perfect replacement for these event tents because they are easily to deploy, can handle harsh weather like high winds and rain better then a tent, and are easy to secure during off hours. A container kiosk can be as simple or extravagant as your imagination (and budget) can come up with. From a bare bones container kiosk (like the 1-20′ 1-10′ blue container kiosks below) to the more extravagant “Glow Bar” 20′ container kiosk that features a 20′ fold down wall (also Below), your imagination is your limit when it comes down to design, look and functionality of your retail kiosk. At Storstac we have the experience, expertise, and man power to get the job done, meeting and exceeding the customers expectations. We’ve been modifying containers for 40+ years and have pioneered countless applications utilizing modified shipping containers or sea cans. Want a container kiosk, container showroom, container kitchen or container house…come by our offices and see what Storstac can build for you.

Storstac Glow Bar

Portable 20' Container Bar @ The CNE 2015

Portable 20′ Container Bar @ The CNE 2015

Portable Container Kiosk @ The CNE 2015

Portable Container Kiosk @ The CNE 2015

Mobile Container Kitchen

We are the first company in Canada to build a fully sufficient, off the grid, commercial grade mobile container kitchen.  Our mobile container kitchen (Commercial and Light-Duty Kitchen) is intended to be used on or off-the-grid in any situation. Besides being hooked up to a power source (either from a near by building, hydro line or via a generator/solar panels) the kitchens (both commercial and light-duty) do not require any water or sewage connections. All water  is housed within the units and is easily disposed of and replenished. The commercial kitchen is also equipped with on-board propane tanks to power all of the appliances (the light-duty kitchen does not require propane as it uses all-electric appliances). The commercial grade mobile container kitchen also comes with an 8′ x 8′ walk in fridge, freezer, three slinks, two deep fryers, one range, one grill and two ovens (one being a convection oven). As with all of our custom modified containers these two kitchens are CSA approved (electrical) and the commercial kitchen is TSSA approved (propane).


Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Storstac Off The Grid Commercial Kitchen

Storstac Off-The-Grid Commercial Container Kitchen

Shipping Container Modification 101

Shipping Container Modification – Custom Made Portable Buildings

(Toronto, Ontario) Here at Storstac, we have been modifying shipping containers for over 40 years. We haven’t just been modifying shipping containers for over 40 years, we’ve been pioneering industry firsts that have gone on to change the way we live, work and interact with one another. Through the 1980’s and 90’s the company’s President (Vincent) utilized shipping container modification’s to house the electrical equipment for thousands of cell towers right across Canada. These towers, which are still in use today, now provide Bell, Rogers and Tellus with cell phone coverage that stretches from coast to coast. When a standard ISO shipping container couldn’t be utilized for a site, custom built portable buildings were built constructed to meet the customers needs. Although these portable buildings may sometimes resemble shipping containers (corner castings, corrugated panels ect), they are made from the ground up to meet the customers specifications.  The two images below demonstrate the wide range of applications custom built portable buildings can be utilized for. The first image is a portable building used to house a vast array of electronics for an on site power station. Custom built from the ground up, this unit was built to meet the customers demanding electronic’s specifications. The second image depicts and completely different use for our custom built portable buildings. This green custom built kiosk was the just delivered to a customers restaurant in downtown Toronto which he intends on using as a raw bar that will be serving various kinds of raw seafood. Again, completely custom built from the ground up, this unit was built to capture the look and feel of a typical iso shipping container. Yet at the same time has some striking design elements (like the slanted roof line) added into the design while also being sized to fit within the existing patio area (something a standard container would not have been able to achieve). These are just two examples of how a custom built portable building might be more suitable then a standard iso shipping container for your next project. Feel free to email, call or drop by anytime to discuss how we can put our modification experience to work for you.

Portable Shelters - Portable Energy

This 40′ long custom built (by Storstac) portable shelter will be used to house electronics for an on site power station

Bar Raval Custom Kiosk

This custom built (by Storstac) portable shelter was built specifically to fit within the dimensions of the patio at Bar Raval in Downtown Toronto


Shipping Container Modification: Toronto and Beyond

(Toronto, Ontario) Shipping container modifications are in our blood. We take pride in our work, we love what we do, and it shows. Our modified shipping containers are everywhere. Whether its a custom modified vending kiosk used to sell corn-on-the-cob at the base of the Seattle Space Needle, an electrical enclosure used to store batteries that are charged via solar panels, a custom built generator enclosure that’s placed just south of the arctic circle, or Tesla’s “secret weapon” pop up showroom that has begun to make its way right across Canada and the United States; Storstac is your PREMIER source for custom fabricated portable buildings and custom modified shipping container projects. Big or small, Storstac is the only place you should consider for container modifications, fabrications and custom builds.


Storstac in Seattle